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Need a Manners Makeover? Brisbane's top-rated dog trainers are here to help!

If you struggle with your dog's behaviour and obedience, we're here to help! We can help you tackle whatever the issue may be, from barking to pulling on lead & everything in between. Our comprehensive Manners Makeover training pack is designed to transform your dog's behaviour and bring harmony back to your home. Our program is tailored to provide a "manners makeover," ensuring your dog evolves into a well-behaved member of your family.

Package Cost: $450

Why Choose IdaBoss Dog Training?

Experienced Trainers

With a deep understanding of dog behavior and years of hands-on training, our skilled professionals are dedicated to tailoring solutions that address your dog's unique needs.

Personalised training plans

Our individualised plans ensure a customised roadmap to success for every pooch we work with. Your dog's journey to well-rounded behaviour starts with a plan crafted just for them.

Comprehensive Support

Choosing IdaBoss Dog Training means embarking on a journey of ongoing support. Beyond our private and group training sessions, we provide you with the tools and resources needed to reinforce positive behaviours at home.

What we address in our
Manners Makeover Pack

In our Manners Makeover Pack at IdaBoss Dog Training, we specialize in addressing a variety of common behavioral issues that dog owners often face. Our expert trainers are dedicated to transforming unruly behavior into polite manners, ensuring a harmonious relationship between you and your furry companion. Some of the common problems we address include:

  1. Excessive Barking: Whether it's barking at strangers, other dogs, or even at home, we provide techniques to manage and reduce excessive barking, fostering a quieter and more peaceful environment.

  2. Leash Pulling: Many dogs exhibit leash pulling behavior during walks, making walks stressful and challenging. We focus on teaching loose leash walking techniques to improve control and enjoyment during walks.

  3. Jumping Up: Jumping up on people can be a frustrating behavior, especially when greeting guests or during walks. We implement training methods to teach dogs appropriate greeting behavior, keeping all paws on the ground.

  4. Digging: Digging behavior can result in destroyed gardens and lawns. We address the underlying causes of digging and provide alternatives to redirect this natural behavior.

  5. Chewing: Destructive chewing of furniture, shoes, or household items can be a common problem for many dog owners. We offer solutions to curb inappropriate chewing and encourage appropriate chew toy usage.

  6. Separation Anxiety: Dogs may exhibit distress when left alone, leading to destructive behavior and excessive vocalisation. We develop personalised plans to help dogs cope with separation and build confidence when alone.

  7. Resource Guarding: Dogs may display possessive behavior over food, toys, or other items, leading to aggression or conflict. We teach dogs to feel comfortable and relaxed when sharing resources.

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The Manners Makeover Inclusions

Two-Hour In-Person Training Session

Benefit from a personalised, hands-on training experience with one of our expert trainers. Whether your dog is dealing with excessive barking, pulling on the lead, or any other behavioural challenge, our skilled trainers are equipped to address and rectify these issues during this intensive two-hour session.

Personalised Training Plan

Every dog is unique, and so is their training needs. Receive a tailor-made training plan crafted specifically for your dog. Our trainers take into account your dog's personality, behaviours, and your lifestyle to create a plan that guarantees effective and lasting results.

45-Minute Video Call Follow-Up

Your dog's journey doesn't end with the in-person session. We ensure continuity with a 45-minute video call follow-up. This allows us to assess your dog's progress, address any concerns, and provide additional guidance to keep your pup on the right track towards becoming a well-mannered companion.

Access to Private Facebook Group

Join our exclusive community of dog enthusiasts in our private Facebook group. Here, you'll find ongoing support from our trainers and fellow dog owners. Share your experiences, ask questions, and receive valuable tips to ensure a successful Manners Makeover for your furry friend.

Book an Appointment

Unlock a harmonious relationship with your furry friend! Book our Manners Makeover today and experience expert dog training tailored to your needs. With trainers available on both the north and south sides of Brisbane, transforming your dog's behavior has never been easier!

Ingrid, North Lakes

Yesterday's follow up training session with Jody was again a great learning opportunity. I have seen a change already this morning. Thanks, Jody! Max adores you. 

Justin, Narangba

Our dog is very reactive to other dogs and we thought we would have to rehome him. Jody came in and explained our dogs body language and showed us how to ensure our dog felt confident and comfortable - we are using this knew knowledge to train ourselves how to best support our dog. Amazing service and would not go anywhere else. 

Jackie, Deception Bay

 We got so much value from our problem pooch pack. 
Jody helped us to understand what our dog needed from us. How to read the body language and this has helped us better support her with her reactivity towards other dogs.


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