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To pee or not to pee?

One of the biggest challenges for any new dog owner is toilet training.

Reputable breeders will usually have the puppy toilet training wheels in motion before they go to their forever homes, whether this be in a designated outside area or puppy pads indoors. However, it is always safer to assume you are starting from scratch as your home environment will be completely new and something your pups will need to familiarise themselves with.

It can take up to 22 weeks to toilet train as puppies do not have full control of their bladder so it’s important as their advocates, we remain patient and persistent. We also recommend you train them to use your chosen outside toilet area from the start, rather than indoor puppy pads, as it avoids having to transfer their training from puppy pads to outside later on.

Do not give them full access to the house until they can be left unsupervised. It is crucial you follow them everywhere and if you are busy, put them in a safe and secure pen, crate, or outside area.

Puppies learn by emotional response and association so the more you take them to the correct place, the quicker they learn. Ideally, we should be taking them to their designated toilet area every 20-30 minutes from the moment they arrive home to get them used to it, especially at key times such as:

o     when you wake up (or they wake you)

o    when you or a visitor arrive at the property

o    after feeding

o    after playing

o    before you go to bed

As soon as your pup goes to the toilet in the correct place, you MUST give them lots of praise. You can reward them with a treat later on, however, praise is essential in them learning the right place.

NEVER tell them off or punish them for going to the toilet in the wrong place. They learn nothing from this other than they should fear you when going to the toilet. Say nothing and clean it up.

Toilet training is a journey that requires patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement. By following these guidelines from IdaBoss Dog Training, you'll pave the way for a well-trained and confident furry friend who understands where to go when nature calls. Remember, a positive and supportive approach ensures a harmonious relationship between you and your canine companion.

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