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Problem Dog? Brisbane's top-rated dog trainers.

Welcome to IdaBoss Dog Training: Problem Pooch Pack Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast

Are you struggling with a reactive dog that seems to bark at EVERYTHING? or better yet... bark at nothing? Is your dog resource-guarding its toys and food? Are you frustrated and stressed because your dog is taking the relaxation out of your morning walk? Then our Problem Pooch Pack is perfect for you!


What's Included in the Problem Pooch Pack?

    1 x 2-hour private training session with one of our expert trainers

    1 x 1-hour follow-up session with your trainer to keep your pooch on track

    1 x 1-hour on-lead group training walk

    A personalized training plan

    Access to our private Facebook group for weekly trainer Q&As

Through expert behavioral coaching and applying kind, approachable, and humane principles, we are here to help you alleviate all of that unwanted owner stress.

How It Works:

Book Your First Session Online: Click the link below to schedule your first 2-hour private training session.

Meet Your Trainer: During the session, discuss your dog's specific issues and receive initial training.

Schedule Follow-Up & Group Walk: Book your 1-hour follow-up session and on-lead group training walk during your first session.

Why Choose IdaBoss Dog Training?

Experienced Trainers

With a deep understanding of dog behavior and years of hands-on training, our skilled professionals are dedicated to tailoring solutions that address your dog's unique needs.

Personalised training plans

Our individualised plans ensure a customised roadmap to success for every pooch we work with. Your dog's journey to well-rounded behaviour starts with a plan crafted just for them.

Comprehensive Support

Choosing IdaBoss Dog Training means embarking on a journey of ongoing support. Beyond our private and group training sessions, we provide you with the tools and resources needed to reinforce positive behaviours at home.

Benefits of Problem Pooch Pack:

Our comprehensive pack is designed to provide a holistic solution to your dog's behavioral issues. The private training sessions allow for personalized attention, the follow-up session ensures continued progress, and the group training walk helps your dog learn and practice good behavior in a controlled environment. The personalized training plan gives you the tools to reinforce positive behavior at home, and our exclusive Facebook group provides ongoing support

Dog Training

Ingrid, North Lakes

Yesterday's follow up training session with Jody was again a great learning opportunity. I have seen a change already this morning. Thanks, Jody! Max adores you. 

Justin, Narangba

Our dog is very reactive to other dogs and we thought we would have to rehome him. Jody came in and explained our dogs body language and showed us how to ensure our dog felt confident and comfortable - we are using this knew knowledge to train ourselves how to best support our dog. Amazing service and would not go anywhere else. 

Jackie, Deception Bay

 We got so much value from our problem pooch pack. 
Jody helped us to understand what our dog needed from us. How to read the body language and this has helped us better support her with her reactivity towards other dogs.

Happy Dog

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