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Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Servicing Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast.

Through positive reinforcement, our passionate trainers are here to assist you with your dog training needs.

We relish every opportunity to help a fellow dog lover enjoy the best in dogs; whether it be a brand new puppy, a rescue dog or your long-time best friend, we have the right training package for you.

We are determined to help you & your dog live your best life together.

Your Dog Deserves the Best Training! Rated #1 in dog trainer in the Moreton Bay region! 

Basic Obedience Training

Advanced Obedience Training

Puppy Training

Why Choose IdaBoss Dog Training?

Experienced Trainers

With a deep understanding of dog behavior and years of hands-on training, our skilled professionals are dedicated to tailoring solutions that address your dog's unique needs.

Personalised training plans

Our individualised plans ensure a customised roadmap to success for every pooch we work with. Your dog's journey to well-rounded behaviour starts with a plan crafted just for them.

Comprehensive Support

Choosing IdaBoss Dog Training means embarking on a journey of ongoing support. Beyond our private and group training sessions, we provide you with the tools and resources needed to reinforce positive behaviours at home.


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Puppy Potential Pack

Our Puppy Potential Pack is for all dogs between 10 weeks to 6 months of age!

Private 1 on 1 in Home Class

Puppy Potential Pack Inclusions: -

1 x 1.5 hour in-person training session with one of our expert trainers

1 x 1.5 hour follow-up sessions.

A 1 hour pass to our popular group walks.*

A complete guide for you to follow in home

Image by Kevin Seibel

Manners Makeover

If your dog's behavior and obedience are issues, we can help! Whether it's barking or leash pulling, we're here for you.

Private 1 on 1 in Home Class

Manners Makeover Inclusions:

2 hour in-person training session with one of our expert trainers

45-minute video call follow-up to ensure your dog is on the right track.

Personalised training plan tailored to your dog.

Image by Alvan Nee

Problem Pooch Pack

Is your dog constantly barking at everything or even nothing? Does your dog get aggressive over toys and food? Are you stressed because of your dog's behavior? Are you concerned your dog might hurt someone?

Private 1 on 1 in Home Class

Included in the Problem Pooch Pack:

1 x 2-hour private training session with one of our expert trainers

1 x 1-hour follow-up session with your trainer to keep your pooch on track

1 x 1 hour on lead group training walk

A personalised training plan

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On Lead Group Walk

During our group walks, you will be taught everything that you need to know to make walking your dog a positive experience for you both. You will also learn how to read your dog's body language and work in their safe bubble. It's also a great excuse for some fresh air & sunshine!

1 Hour Group Class

Be sure to bring comfortable enclosed shoes, water & treats for your dog.

Also included is Access to our private Facebook page for ongoing trainer support


Virtual Training

Enjoy live step by step coaching to alleviate any issues you may be facing and real time demonstrations using the Trainer's dog whilst you follow along. Our virtual sessions really do provide the same success of our in-person training sessions, just online!

Private 1 on 1 in Zoom Call x4

Included in the Virtual Pooch Package:

4 x 45 minute Live Video Chat sessions

Personalised Training Plan

Access to our private Facebook page for ongoing trainer support

Image by Camylla Battani

Assistance Dog Training

As accredited assistance dog assessors and trainers, we specialise in the comprehensive training of assistance dogs tailored to individual needs.


Our expertise extends to both NDIS and non-NDIS assistance dog training, helping dogs become registered assistance animals.

The process of training and certifying an assistance dog in Australia involves several steps. Keep in mind that the specific requirements may vary depending on the organisation or training program required for your individual needs.

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